Avoid Drag-Hints for specific object types.


i am using the Vaadin Drag and Drop functionality for implementing icon folders within a panel.

Initialy there are some icons (AppIconPanel) shown, this icons are able to be moved on each other. By this, a new folder (AppFolderPanel) is created an shown. The previous both AppIcons (Drag icon and droped on icon) are hided subsequently and shown within a dialog popup by clicking on the new created folder icon.

I don’t want that the folder icons could be moved into an app icon or into another folder icon.
Is there a way to disable the drag-hint (addStyleName(“no-box-drag-hints”):wink: just for this one type of shown icons? I used the style for the layout containing all icons, but then the functionality is globally disabled. Is there a way to disable the drag box only for a specific type?

I tried also to use customized acceptCriterions, but the order of folder icons should be further changeable. It should only avoided to show a drag hint if a folder icon is moved into another icon.

Thanks a lot!
Best regards.