Averting Vaadin's Bootstrap Alert Windows


I’m in desperate need of a strategy to supress Vaadin’s popups if our application server produces and HTTP Response that is not desired (403 Forbidden in this case). Not that really matters, I’d just like to add some context to the scenario, but we have a WebLogic application server that will restrict a user if they do not have the proper entitlements. After being restricted, I’d like to redirect to a custom error page. However, I cannot because the Vaadin popups start. First is “Failed to load Vaadin bootstrap.js,” and then there’s “Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/xxxx.xxxxWidgetset/xxxxxx.xxxxxWidgetset.nocache.js?1511195113252.” I’m told there are more, but I actually do not know how to avert the Widgetset message.

Please advise!


The “Failed to load Vaadin bootstrap.js” come from the standard embedded application. If you want to customize or get rid of that message, you’re going to need to edit the containing page. See the docs for some information about that:


As for the “failed to load the widgetset”, it comes from the vaadinBootstrap.js. That can too be overridden simply by providing a modified copy of that file with your application.


Nice work :slight_smile:


Thanks a million Olli. I had already averted the “Failed to load vaadinBootstrap.js” message by including the js file on the project path. I modified that widgetset alert line by commenting, and no more alerts!