Automatically handle "Internal Error", "Communication proble


I am using ITMill 5.3.0.

Sometimes, my application shows up an “Internal Error” or “Communication problem” message, and asks the operator to “click here to continue”. It is possible to modify ITMill to automatically respond to the “click here to continue”, rather than ask the operator ? Is there also a way to NOT display ANY of these error messages on the browser.

I would prefer this approach, because 99% of the time, the application continues without any issue, meaning it is normally safe to ignore the error and continue.


I am not sure if this is possible already in 5.3.0, but if it is this could be the solution:


I did see the com.itmill.toolkit.Application.CustomizedSystemMessages, but because com.itmill.toolkit.Application.getSystemMessages() is static, I don’t see how it can be overridden as suggested in the comments for the class com.itmill.toolkit.Application.CustomizedSystemMessages. What is the recommended method of overriding the Application.getSystemMessages() in my application that derives from com.itmill.toolkit.Application ? Do I have to create a custom version of the ITMill library, with modified Application source code ?


Should be something like
package com.example.myapp;

import com.vaadin.Application;
import com.vaadin.ui.Button;
import com.vaadin.ui.Window;

public class MyappApplication extends Application {
public void init() {
Window mainWindow = new Window(“Myapp Application”);
mainWindow.addComponent(new Button(“FOO”));

public static SystemMessages getSystemMessages() {
    CustomizedSystemMessages m = new CustomizedSystemMessages();
    m.setOutOfSyncCaption("Houston, there is a problem!");
    return m;


Actually you are correct - the class documentation is really confusing. It says to override a static method (that is clearly not possible), while as it should say to define a static getSystemMessages to your application class.

Updated the javadoc:


Ok, I now understand what you mean by “override the static function”.

Thanks for another (Always Very Helpful !!!) and fast response :slight_smile: