AutoGrid Refresh retain old data

How to do auto grid refresh without clearing the existing data?

I see the table clears the data when it makes api call to fetch list.

I want to do diff between the data before refresh and after refresh to highlight the cells which are changed in the diff.

This is not going to be an easy task, but I think it’s doable.
I would approach this by keeping the original data in memory, and then compare them after the refresh. Here’s how that could look:

// keep original data in memory
Set<MyData> originalData = dataProvider.fetch(new Query<>());

// reload the grid with new data

// TODO: custom code comparing each original item with the refreshed ones and applying styles to specific cells
for (originalDatum in originalData) {
    // find refreshed item in grid based on item id, in order to compare
    // compare each column value
    // if difference spotted, apply custom styling to desired cell

I am using AutoGrid. When I do autoGridRef.current?.refresh().
It clears the table first. Then makes the api call to list and count and after that I see some data in the table.

I would like to keep old grid data visible until refresh we get the response from the server.