AutoGrid bug

I’m experiencing excessive service calls in AutoGrid under a specific scenario:
Applying or removing filters after scrolling down to later pages (50+ or 60+ for example) without filters:
When users scroll down significantly without filters and then either apply or remove filters, the data provider triggers many unnecessary service calls.
This issue seems unrelated to the initial scrolling itself but specifically occurs when filter changes happen on later pages.
The createDataProvider function might be dynamically calculating the size inaccurately after filter changes, leading to excessive calls to retrieve additional data that might not be necessary.
There seems to be no caching mechanism implemented, potentially causing redundant calls for the same filtered data at different pages.

Minimize service calls, especially when applying or removing filters after scrolling down to later pages.
Accurately reflect the total data size even for filtered datasets and after significant scrolling.
Avoid unnecessary data refreshes triggered by filter changes after scrolling.

Size: 50,000 items

Initial State:
Open the Hiilla AutoGrid example from
Verify that pageSize is set to 50.
Use browser developer tools or manual interaction to scroll down to page 50 or later (beyond the first 2500 items).
Ensure no filters are applied at this point.

Apply the first filter.
Wait for the grid to load and stabilize.
Apply the second filter.

Filter Removal:
Remove the second filter only. Observe the behavior:
Count the number of service calls made to the data provider using browser developer tools network logs.

System Info
Operating system → Windows 10
Hilla Version → 2.5.0
Browser type → Chrome

If you wanna create a bug report, it’s best suited here

Thank you!