Autocomplete Text Box

I need a component which has following requirement,

A text box on typing some text it should communicate with server to fetch the data which starts with the entered text, and the list must be shown bellow the text box.

I have tried with 2 of the plug-ins autocompletetextfield and superImmediatTextField. But it is not meetin the requirements.

Any suggestions are available for this component?

The basic vaadin select component has about the functionality you are looking for, but seems like you don’t want it to look like a select, but a textfield. You could make your own component like that with gwt. You can have as a starting point the SuperImmediateTextField that handles the immediate communication between browser and server, and add it to draw a drop down list when the server returns a list of possible values. For that part you can use the Select component (VListSelect) as an example.