Auto-Width for (Tree)Grid-columns?

I am trying to teach a tree-grid to size its four columns such that columns 1, 2 and 4 use a width that’s just enough to have all items visible (i.e. their width should be equal to the widest item in that column) while column 3 should take the rest (i.e. as much width as is left). But I haven’t been very successful, yet.

I thought that setting autowidth=true to columns 1, 2, and 4 would do what I want but it seems to simply distribute the width (more or less) equally among all 4 columns. Same result as when I set autowidth=true for all columns or when I don’t set autowidth at all).

Is my goal achievable somehow without having to start calculating widths myself?
I had to deal width these column width in an earlier project (on Android) and I really would like to spare me that! It was such an annoying pain to get that reliably working!


You can use setFlexGrow(0) for the column that shouldn’t grow.

Thanks - that did the trick. Except for this issue: