Auto reconnect when server connection is lost


I’m currently adapting our Vaadin7 app to be displayed on a supervision screen.

Actually, if the server connection is lost, in case of a server reboot for example, the stock vaadin message is shown : (“server connection, trying to reconnect”), then, after the server reboot, the top header appears (“Session Expired Take note of any unsaved data, and click here or press ESC key to continue”).

So we have to do a manual opération to reload the app.

How should I have an automatic and seamless reconnection ? (The logged user has a persistent cookie so can be autologged)


AFAIK if the server preserves sessions over the reboot, that is actually what should happen - the user will only see the reboot as a momentary unresponsiveness with the message shown. However, perhaps the server is not configured to preserve sessions, or perhaps it first replies with some other page or error code while still starting up and that causes the problem.