Auto CRUD/Grid/Form with MongoDB

Hello everyone,
Hilla Auto CRUD, Auto Grid and Auto Form are really cool features :heart_hands: I’m trying to get a better understanding about them, and I was wondering if I could use them together with MongoDB?

Auto CRUD and Auto Form require a service that extends CrudRepositoryService. Auto Grid requires a service that extends ListRepositoryService. Both, CrudRepositoryService and ListRepositoryService, extend JpaSpecificationExecutor, which is specific to Spring Data JPA and not compatible with Spring Data MongoDB.

How could I use Auto CRUD, Auto Grid and Auto Form with a MongoDB database?

There is no direct support for MongoDB. Instead of CrudRepositoryService and ListRepositoryService, you can implement CrudService and ListService, which will allow you to manually implement CRUD and listing functionalities.

But then maybe it’s better to wait for Hilla 2.4.0 release next week as it includes much better support for working with CrudService and ListService in connection to non-JPA repositories.

Thank you @practical-rat! A custom implementation of ListService is described here: Auto Grid | Components | React | Hilla Docs. I didn’t see it before I asked :see_no_evil:
I’m looking forward to Hilla 2.5.0 :rocket:

Maybe it will help someone who reads this thread: I wrote a little blog post about Hilla, Auto Grid and MongoDB. Hilla AutoGrid with MongoDB | René Wilby | Freelance Software Engineer & Lecturer