Authentication with browser login/password remember support


I implemented authentication in my Vaadin application along the lines of: .

This works quite well, but lacks one feature many other web applications have: After I log in, often the browser offers to remember my login and password. This does not happen in my Vaadin application. Is there a way to enable this browser feature in Vaadin?

Note: I found some articles discussing another common feature, the “remember me” option. This is different from what I’m after as I don’t want my Vaadin application to remember and manage my credentials on a machine, but the browser.


If you wish the users to be able to store the password in the browser,
then you must use the LoginForm.

It implements a traditional and so the browser can detect a login
with name and password.


There is also possible (I think) a trick like this e.g. for Opera browser. I am not sure about the other browsers:

  • add to our login screen custom login components (which doesn’t support remember passwords).
  • modify the HTML page what Vaadin provides to user so, that it contains raw form (or hidden Vaadin LoginForm).
  • implement JavaScript onChange events so that typing login data to our custom form will change values in raw hidden HTML form and vice versa.

So user presses “fill the form” using “wand” tool and hidden HTML form is filled, then onChange event is invoked and our custom made form is filled also.