audio and video on mobile devices

I want to play a notification sound for certain events in my website. I am using the Audio component, and it works great on desktops. But it does not work on mobile devices. Here is some example code.
First of all, the creation portion:

goodScan = new Audio(null, new ThemeResource( "sounds/good-scan.mp3")); goodScan.setAutoplay(false); goodScan.setShowControls(false); addComponents( goodScan ) And then inside the submit button, when we tell it to play.

... ( submit actions )
... ( more submit actions)

I also have some help videos, using the Video component. On Android, the “Play” button does not work. On iOS, I don’t even have controls.

I ask about both audio and video files because I am sort of guessing they are similar problems. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.