atmosphere-runtime version

I’m running Vaadin 14.10.6 and have noted the following warning message appearing in Tomcat logs

Vaadin depends on Atmosphere 2.2.13.vaadin4 but version 2.7.3.slf4jvaadin4 was found.
This might cause compatibility problems if push is used.

Checking how Atmosphere is pulled through pom.xml, it is getting 2.7.3.slf4jvaadin4 through vaadin-core:14.10.6 and flow-push:2.9.7
Is this fine and the warning is only a warning, or should I be specifically pulling 2.2.13.vaadin4?

Are you using MPR and Vaadin 7 in your project. If yes, the warning is banine.

Thanks Tatu. Yes, I have MPR and Vaadin 7. If that’s ok, then other issues in my app are the problem, not Atmosphere.