atmosphere JARs for production release

We are preparing a release under Vaadin 7.1.2 and want to confirm if we are using Tomcat 7 that we only need to release atmosphere-compat-tomcat7-1.0.14.vaadin4.jar and atmosphere-runtime-1.0.14.vaadin4.jar.

Is there any need to release atmosphere-compat-tomcat-1.0.14.vaadin4.jar if we’re using Tomcat 7?

Presuming the same is true for atmosphere-compat-jbossweb-1.0.14.vaadin4.jar, that we don’t need to release this if we’re on Tomcat 7.

Anybody from Vaadin can confirm this answer to what’s needed?

Just read this:’s-Application

Not sure since it’s being bundled with Vaadin, but it sounds like I need all three “compat” JARs along with the “runtime” and the Vaadin-specific SL4J – and if trying to prune, I may have had it backwards in that Tomcat 7 needs the two “compat” JARs that do NOT specify Tomcat7!

Since we’re using Tomcat 7, it seems like we don’t need the META-INF/context.xml entry.

Can this be verified and clarified by Vaadin folks who have deployed this into production? Thanks!