at beginning

Hi ,

I´m studying the framework , tired to make thousands lines of jquery and ajax in my apps. vaadin show it more simple and I have a opportunity to make a new web app. but I can´t find samples or to be more clear I can´t get import some samples where find on the web to show the basement structure on the big apps. How I make it simple to maintain a big app with vaadin. Only can make still the basic samples following the book of vaadin,when I import any project it simply don´t run. Anyone help me, please.

I need make a basic crm app, vaadin is awesome and I choose write all app over this framework. Well, my idea is , use a basic web service to connect me with database and my app with login screen, user control, menus and some screens for management of this data, many reports, at start only in intranet.

I been thinking in integrate Spring to use injection and security. I know its possible but how I find the way to make with my little knowledge.

any tips ?

tks ,
João Rueda