As far as encapsulated in OpenLayers Wrapper library OpenLayers?

I welcome!

In the JavaScript library OpenLayers has some features that are not in the wrapper, for example -

public Point transformFromMapToScreen(Point p)
public Point transformFromScreenToMap(Point p)

That is, we need to transform coordinates between screen pixels and the coordinates of the map.:V
It is possible, whether to add a wrapper, writing their own classes that encapsulate the missing methods?:glare:

I would be very grateful for the information!:smiley:

It is necessary, whether to append their own library? For example, what was discussed above …
Another issue related to the topic - Popup-menu appearance to the text on this point - is this possible?

Does anyone know? :smiley:


As discussed earlier in the forum(?) pixel to coordinate conversions shouldn’t be needed with our server side approach. Or then I have just missed some use case. If those are need they sure could be implemented, but I’d might need to have an asynchronous API.

For the second question… Are you looking for the Popup class? You can add those to any arbitrary locations in e.g. vector selection events or in click listeners.


I welcome you, Matti Tahvonen!

Yes, you are right, converting “pixels - coordinates” were not needed, thanks! :smiley:
Popup-dialogues were also possible! Thank you very much for your help! :smiley: