Are Vaadin demos built using Server Framework?

I am new to vaadin and evaluating it for my next application, and I want to know if following demos are built using “Vaadin Server Framework” or “Vaadin Client Framework”.


There aren’t really any separate “Vaadin Client Side Framework” and “Vaadin Server Side Framework” but rather a continuum, with most Vaadin applications being server driven but often using some client side add-ons from the directory or sometimes custom widgets in the project.

Vaadin can also be used as a replacement for GWT (as Vaadin contains a version of GWT), and developing GWT style applications one can skip using Vaadin server side parts altogether if necessary.

As for the applications you mentioned, they are all primarily server based but several use some client side add-ons (such as the charts add-on) or custom client side widgets. However, the parking demo also has an off-line mode which does not require a server to be reachable. In this case, only a part of the full functionality has been implemented in the off-line version (e.g. maps would require an internet connection anyway) and this does require considerably more code than a server driven application.