Are Java 21 and Spring Boot 3.2 supported?

Spring Boot 3.2 has a transparent support for virtual threads inroduced by Java 21. Does Vaadin 24.2.4 support Java 21 and Spring Boot 3.2 ?

Yes, as runtime 100% - compile target not sure

“compile target” means to build vaadin itself, right?

Building your application with Java 21 and using Java 21 features

Vaadin 24.2 only supports Spring Boot 3.1, I think

24.2 works with 3.2 (using it in production) :grimacing:

Okay, then I must have remembered wrong. I do recall there was some issue with the recent releases… maybe it was so that SB 3.1 didn’t work with Vaadin 24.3 RC1, but that was fixed.

Probably with Jetty 11/12… luckily we don’t use that