Architecture generated with Vaadin Spring Roo plugin

Hi all,
Looking at the code generated with Spring Roo Vaadin plugin, I was wondering why the classes that deals with Form did not extends the com.vaadin.ui.Form class but CustomComponent. What the differences between using a CustomComponent for a web-form and using a com.vaadin.ui.Form for a web-form?

As auxiliary question, I was also wondering why the Form is not support in the Vaadin Eclipse plugin?

Thanks in advance.


The answer for the first question comes from the the fact in the second question (Forms cannot by default modified with Vaadin visual editor). If remember correctly you don’t use the “visually composable” parameter, the code will use standard Vaadin Form instead.

To bypass this limitation (in your own code) you can use this add-on:

I’m quite sure if Henri Sara does bigger renewals to the Roo plugin at some point, it will use the FormBinder add-on in it.