AppNavItem is not showing hand cursor

I downloaded a fresh project using and vaadin version is v23.2.3. I see the menu creation is changed from RouterLink to AppNavItem. The problem now is, when I hover my cursor on the AppNavItem, it does not change to hand cursor. It still shows with Arrow mark which confuses whether this is a link or not. Is this the expected behavior or am I missing anything here?

Should I change this is to RouterLiunk as the workaround ?

Just use css

Expected behavior, but easily configurable:

vcf-nav {
  --lumo-clickable-cursor: pointer;

Thanks. It worked

Would it be possible to get the same effect for a row in the CRUD component?

You can change the cursor on anything you want with css

Yes, you would think so.
On a crud grid, the components that make up the rows look like this:


Some of those are cells in a row belonging to a column.
The CSS to only pick those up would be very interesting to see indeed…

I don’t have time to dig through it but you can use as starting point

part cell is probably the one you need

Thats a grid, not a crud, which is something else completely

The styling mechanism works the same

Thats what I am saying. In a crud, there are no cells and no rows in the DOM. It is made up of these vaadin-grid-cell-content components that are ambiguous about what is a piece of data in a row, or a heading, or a filter, or a sort…

This might be the answer

But in a CRUD

The same applies to the grid tho :slightly_smiling_face: but good you found something to start with

Yes, I am sorry. You are correct. They are the same.
CSS in Vaadin is driving me crazy.
Would you happen to be interested in a small paid training session with me to go over some Vaadin CSS basics?