Applying a Vaadin Charts license to Eclipse in Windows

I’m not sure if I’m just missing something here but the instructions for applying licences seem to be only Linux specific:

Firstly, I’ve placed the file in my C:\Users\Andrew folder, effectively my home directory in Windows I would have thought. Secondly I’ve no idea what it means by setting the “vaadin.charts.developer.license=license_key” property.

Can anyone help? Many thanks,


I’ve also put the file in my workspace directory next to .project, etc, that didn’t work either.

You can also go to
Pro Account Software Center
and click key icon next to Vaadin Charts and then click download the file. Then just copy downloaded vaadin.charts.developer.license as .vaadin.charts.developer.license to your home directory. For the question on where home directory is in windows,
check StackOverflow

Thanks Joonas,

Following a quick: layout.addComponent(new Label(System.getProperty("user.home"))); I managed to find out where it was, it was not at all where I’d expected it to be!

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It would however be useful for the message to tell you the location of your home directory come to think of it. For idiots like me it might be handy.

BTW you can also place the License in the classpath of your project . This will make deployment a lot easier too.

place a file called ‘vaadin.charts.developer.license’ containing your valid license in the root of your classpath

I got that info from one of the dev tickets

Good idea. Added
ticket for this

I’ve added the Pro Tools licences to the home directory on my local development area, but we are using a Nexus server, and I am getting some problems.

  1. As soon as I add the dependency (Charts, for example) to the POM file I get an error in Eclipse. I’ve added the license file to the home directory C:\Users[myname]
    , and double checked in my Java code that this is indeed the home directory. No luck.

  2. This does not work:

java -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license=[mylicense]
  1. Adding this does not work: <configuration><extraJvmArgs>-Xmx1024M -Dvaadin.charts.developer.license=[mylicense] </extraJvmArgs> </configuration>
    Why is this so difficult? There should be a sub-element in the dependency or some easier method.

Please advise. Thank you.

Hi Burke,

What error are you getting in eclipse?

If it’s failing to resolve the dependency the issue is unrelated to the license file or property.

Be sure that you have vaadin-addons repository configured

<repository> <id>vaadin-addons</id> <url></url> </repository> Hope this helps