application usage statistics


I am using vaadin 7, touchkit 3.0.1 and touchkit, ios7hotfixes 5.0

I am pretty sure there must be several ways to collet application usage statistics. But so far I just found the add ons either with google analytics or ui-tracker.

what would be the best ways to collect app usage stats regarding distincts users, called views.

I was thinking about using splunk and login out a statment (sessionId, viewName, etc) on each ViewChangeEvent but seems a bit odd.

Thank you in advance for feedback

What we did in one project was that we used a local tracking service a bit like google analytics. It allowed us to push “track events” using AJAX. We defined which views/actions we wanted to track, then in our code we pushed a track event whenever the user performed the action (such as logging in or accessing a view). This approach sounds a little bit like the one you described with splunk - the benefit was that it allowed us to exactly define what we wanted to track and with what data. It was nice that we could, for example, see how many unique users we had accessing the service (regardless if one user logged in from multiple locations on multiple occations). Drawback is obviously, that it required manual labor from the coder.

I guess this boils down to what are your requirements. I guess you can do the same kind of stuff using google analytics’ event tracking, although, I haven’t tried it out myself.

Thanks for feedback, we solved it by manually adding stats logs, wo see now which view was called how many times, cummulative request time, sessionid, usserid and so on.