Application unresponsive in different browsers

Hello, I’m using vaadin 7 and since yesterday my application gets unresponsive after clicking a button. I’ve run my application on localhost in different browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari) with the same result. In Chrome it just breaks down, asking me if I want to kill the page and in IE I got this message: “localhost not responding due to a long-running script”. Does anyone have experienced the same problem? I would really appreciate any help.


do you see something related in console? do you have vaadin PUSH active ?
are there errror appeared during widgetsets generation .
Its hard to guess, specially if you don’t have facts to observe… please paste some more details.

No errors. I don’t see any error in console and PUSH is disabled so it’s kinda difficult to paste something. Thanks anyway Aziz

Do you have two threads involved in a deadlock? If so, the advice here might help: