Application Slow after a couple of uses


I created an application that works perfect in my computer but when I uploaded it to start server tests it becomes very slow, specially after a couple of uses (the first minutes work fine)…It even becomes unresponsive, as I move through a treetable a form should be updated from the database but stops working after a while…

I’m using an Amazon EC2 Linux server and a MySQL database…I checked if the connections to the database is what failed, but I’m using no more than 7 out of 150 max connections to the database.

Is this a common problem?

Any ideas on how to solve this?



Maybe you have a memory leak in your app? Your development workstation probably has more memory than your server and thus works faster?

Try hooking a tool like a visualvm to your server to see what is really happening.


Matti, thanks for your answer…in fact that was the problem…I was using a t1.micro server on EC2 server, which is really low on memory…I changed it to a m1.medium server and now works fine…