Application ROOT-2521314 is already being initialized and vaadin-text-field

Hello, we made use of our vaadin-text-field project, inherited from the bakery project, but as of today it has stopped working.

We have tried to integrate an addon and we have not managed to execute the login again, we have found that the problem is in the import of the vaadin-text-field, since if we eliminate its import it does not give us the error.

We imagine that not find any bookstore deleted or that there is an error between versions of the different libraries.

Can someone help us?

Hi finally we discover the issue,

since version 2.1.3 of vaadin-text-field, we think that it happens since that was imported required-field on commit “Update text-field styles to use required field mixin”.

We resolved on our pom.xml, we excluded from another dependency it’s got last version of this library.


I hope this solution can help to someone with the same problem.

Althought we add one issue on github [vaadin/vaadin-text-field]