Application not working with domian name on Clustered Environment


We have developed an application using vaadin framework , and the application is deployed to JBoss application server in a Clustered environment. The application is not working with domain name, but it works fine with IP address. , if we move the application to a Non clustered environmnet , it works with domain name. Could you please help on this. Below are the errors we are seeing in the log files as well in the UI

Communication problem
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(SyntaxError): Syntax error number: -2146827286 description: Syntax error - Original JSON-text:


Vaadin keeps the state into the session on the server. My guess is that if you access with the URL, you go to a load balancer which then redirects to the actual server.
If your load balancer sends to a different server at each request, then the session data will be lost and vaadin detect it as communication problem.

If you can, set the load balancer to use sticky session (all request in a session go to the same server) or implement session serialization/deserialization/synchronization in a google app engine way, but it will need load of CPU and data exchange to maintain sync so I would not recommend it.

If you use the IP directly you don’t go throught the load balancer so the problem doesn’t appear.