Application foundation has reached version 1.2

For those not familiar with the application foundation: The add-on’s goal is to provide a simple and lightweight foundation for Vaadin application. With the application foundation framework you get commonly used features such as JPA based persistence, view handling, i18n, authentication and permission management.

I have so much to say this time, that I think this message deserves a thread of its own :slight_smile:

The version 1.2 of
Application foundation
has been released. This release has had two goals: to simply and clean up code in the existing modules (in other words, improving the quality) and to provide new features.

The biggest change in this version is the introduction of the Authorization module. The module allows the developers to manage permissions in an easy way. You can restrict users from accessing entire views or if you want, you can limit the restriction to cover just a specific part of a view. The permission management is not limited to just views. A simple API is provided which can be used to apply permission management on any type of objects (views, data, actions, …) in your project. For more details, please see the
the documentation for the authorization module

You can download the newest version of the application foundation from
the directory

For a more complete list of changes, please see the
release notes

What’s in the roadmap?

What should you expect of the application foundation in the near future?

The goal is to improve the documentation of the project, provide more code examples and make the examples more versatile. Actual code changes in the near future will focus on the quality of the code (although I’m quite happy about its quality as it is) and to improve the authentication module with more inbuilt security features.

I wrote a blog about how to apply JPA based persistence to the
Address Book Demo
with application foundation. You can find the blog