AppletIntegration Sample


I found the AppletIntegration Add-On, and i think,
this could be very useful, but:
I can’t figure out, how to use it. :frowning: (And i am not alone,
as far as i read the posts in the forum.)

The Screenshot -sample is much too complicated for
a beginner. (BTW: The Online-Screenshot-Demo does not
work, it can do screenshots, but it does not show them…)
In the screenshot source is just the upload-based component,
the source of the vaadin-app, where the component is used,
is missing. (Ok, i finally found a code snippet in the forum,
that shows the use of the component.)

What i would really need, is the source code of

  • a simple Applet (JFrame) with

    • a TextField
    • a Button
  • a simple vaadin-app (Window) with

    • a TextField
    • a Button
  • Click on the Button of the vaadin-app and the Applet
    is called with the value of the TextField

  • The Applet displays that value in it’s own TextField
    and maybe can send it back on Button-Click to the

That should be enough to figure the rest out.

Finally some of the FAQs should be answered:

  • The ‘correct’ value for setCodebase()
    In every single post i see different values…
  • How must the Applet be build, where to put the binary?
    A simple class in the vaadin-app? A stand-alone class / jar?
  • What about that signing-thing?
    Always mentioned, but never really explained…
  • How do i put it all together in a Tomcat environment?

Can we have this, please? :slight_smile:
Some (really) useful links are welcome, too.