AppLayout Vaadin 14 documentation

Is there documentation someplace on using the App Layout? The documentation at is for the Vaadin 13 version, and I cannot seem to find examples for Vaadin 14, except in the Bakery App ( which has only one example ).

Basically, I just want a menu ( with sub-menus ) down the left side, and would prefer to use the newer version of AppLayout so I don’t have to change it in a month. The BakeryApp has the menu at the top ( in the nav bar ). I tried setting up the drawer in the bakery app, but it stays at the top, so I guess I must be doing something wrong.

Ok, I figured out the menu down the side - was accidentally putting the “menu” in both the nav bar and the drawer. Still have not figured out how to do sub-menus, but I think for that I just need to research Tabs and Tab components more closely, probably doing something wrong.

Demos for latest vaadin-app-layout web component used in Vaadin 14 can be found here:

Regarding the sub-menu, we also have vaadin-menu-bar component in Vaadin 14 and it has submenus.
However, at the moment it only supports horizontal orientation and is not expected to be used in drawer.

Tabs can’t handle sub-menus and it’s not really designed for that. The Business App Starter has an example how to build a nested sidebar menu.

Currently the only built-in component that has any sort of sub-menu support is Context Menu and the Menu Bar component that internally relies on the same features.

Yep, realized after work last night that the business app starter fit my needs much better, at least on the menu topic. Anyway, thanks.