Appfoundation SessionHandler.get() suddenly returns null

I set up an application with appfoundation, everything is working fine, except the UserManagement. I was debugging my application to notice, that at some point (I can not figure out what it is connected to) the function


returns null, although before it returnd a valid User object. And

SessionHandler.setUser(User user) is never called.
Even stranger, some time later (again not knowing when) get() returns the same userobject as before again… :frowning: :frowning:

Does anyone have an idea what the cause of this problem might be? Can it be connected to the ThreadLocal class SessionHandler stores its user object in. Might I suddenly be operating on a different thread? would that be relevant.

I am using ICEPush as a major addon i could imagine influencing the SessionHandler behaviour. No other ideas…

Any Help or hints where I could search for solutions are very appreciated.


Sounds like a thread pooling issue. Do you have any background threads running in which you try to call SessionHandler.get()? Are you using CDI?