Apparent bug in TreeTable


I tried to create a Trac login to post this issue, but Trac exploded.

I’ve hit a bug in TreeTable. When creating a custom container which is an implementation of Container.Hierarchical, TreeTable won’t display the tree properly unless the custom container also implements Container.Indexed.

The thing that’s odd is that TreeTable doesn’t actually call any of the methods in Container.Indexed (my implementation just throws UnsupportedOperationExceptions for all of the Container.Indexed methods). It acts like TreeTable is inappropriately checking the class of the container at some point. I don’t think Container.Indexed is an appropriate interface to use with TreeTable. However, if the interface is not implemented, TreeTable acts very strangely - and ignores the result of rootItemIds().

Maybe a nice Vaadiner can post this to Trac for me? It’s not a killer issue but it clutters my code – and I also have wasted about 3 hours tracking it down, which is a bit annoying. Especially as it’s the second time this has bitten me :frowning: