App Layout Resizable


Is it possible to make the app layout drawer width user resizable?

Hi, currently there is no such option. It’s possible to customize drawer width using --vaadin-app-layout-drawer-width custom CSS property but the component doesn’t provide a resize handle to modify it.

Ok, thanks for the info.

This workaround might be of use: GitHub - vaadin/hackathon-24-1 at stefan

Thanks I’ve been looking into this but unable to locate any implementation of the event here

    gSplitter.parentNode.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent("vaadin-app-layout-drawer-width-changed", {
      detail: {

It’s a custom event, so you’re looking at the implementation right there

Thanks but I couldn’t get the vaadin app-layout to respond to that event, so I’ve just removed the component and rolled my own layout component.