Api docs for Add-ons

Hi, maybe i’m overlooking the obvious, but i cannot find any apidocs for the VisualizationsForVaadin add-on.
The source code is there, but no api.

What do you exactly mean with API docs? Do you mean JavaDocs? JavaDocs are embedded into the source so if you get the source you also get the JavaDocs for sure. In that point it is only up to the developer to write them. This is not by any means a global matter for all the add-ons on the Vaadin Directory, but a project specific one. I downloaded the VisualizationForVaadin package and found a lot of JavaDocs on the functions.

Did I understand something wrong? Could you please open up the question a little more.

Yes i meant java doc. And i know i can get to the javadoc as the source is in the package.
I just thought maybe the add-ons had their javadocs somewhere online.

It is recommended that every add-on should have a link to their JavaDoc API documentation in the add-on page. See for example the
CSValidation add-on
. Unfortunately, not many add-ons give such a link.

Maybe Directory should encourage “completion” of add-on description more, perhaps by indicating more clearly that such information is still missing (“your add-on profile is 95% finished”). I guess it would be possible for Directory to extract and generate the JavaDoc API docs automatically from Jars or Zips, although that would require some configuration (which classes to include and which to exclude)…

I guess its not a big deal especially if the addon is still in the experimental phase.
But its nice to have :slight_smile: