Any word yet on compatibility with Eclipse 4.2 "Juno"?

I’m wondering if anyone has been testing or trying Vaadin and the Vaadin-Eclipse plugin with the new Eclipse Juno?

Eclipse Juno’s new support for running in Java 7 is tempting now that Mac OS X has Java 7. But I’m reluctant to disturb my very stable combination of Vaadin 6 + Eclipse Indigo + JRebel 4/5.

–Basil Bourque

I have a milestone version of Juno, downloaded about two months ago, and everything works as expected for me. I can recommend it as fully working, even if I’m not that fond of some of the UI changes.

The good thing with eclipse is that you can have multiple copies of it! Download and install Juno in another folder and you can always go back to the old installation if there are any issues.