Any UI Desinger in vaadin???

Hi all,

Vaadin is awesome!!!..

Any UI designer in vaadin?, i meant , we may have the designer window and UI palate ,and we can just drag n drop component from palate to designer, and code will generated automatically… Is any tool available for Designing the webpages using vaadin component… I heard that Vaadin visual designer. I tried to googled it. I couldn’t find any solution as needed…
could any one suggest me??

Hi Prabu,

If you want, you can use the visual editor that comes with eclipse plugin it’s EXPERIMENTAL

You’ll find more information at



Since Tuesday, it is bundled with the main Eclipse plugin and should no longer have the “experimental” label.

While the core parts are not tied to Eclipse, the integrated system with code parsing and generation is only available for Eclipse.

Hi Henri,

That it’s a great notice… now let’s go to update the eclipse plugin :dry:




Thanks buddy…


R Prabu