Any tips on session based authentication with Redis

I have been testing this with the hilla auth starter, by haven’t yet managed to convert from token based to session. Major problems completing the login process and I haven’t found any documentation on this. Does anybody have some tips for this?

Maybe this blogpost will point you in the right direction, even though it’s done with a different provider: Hilla with Keycloak and the Authorization Code Flow of OAuth 2.0 | René Wilby | Freelance Software Engineer & Lecturer

Thank you! That is a good example. Looks like it might not solve the problem with our login, but it has some useful info in it.

This might also help (although it’s somewhat outdated): Advanced Registration and Authentication with Spring Boot + Spring Security + Spring Session (Redis) Pt 1 | by German Komarov | Medium

Thank you for the help. We did manage to progress with the login. It was mainly due to our db configuration problem.