Any roadmap?

Is there any roadmap for it mill available? I tried looking for one but all I see is bunch of backlogs. It mill process describes scrum sprints but their contents are hidden.

Hi - everything we do is fully visible on

The roadmap currently is basically the following:

  • 5.4 will be released in few days (beanitem container, coordinatelayout, …)
  • Vaadin 6 will be released at JavaOne (beginning of June). It will have a new theme, eclipse plugin and also include a preview of a wysiwyg editor.

So we are basically still following previously posted roadmap:

After that the roadmap is widely open. Wysiwyg editor will surely get a lot of attention, but also we are planning to create new widgets.

Any request on what should be included in the roadmap?

Hi Joonas,
which of the new features will be Apache 2.0 licensed and which will be commercial?

A nice feature for 6.x would be a full DND support that gives you even more an application-like feeling.


Only Testing Tools is (still) commercial. The rest of the above mentioned features (wysiwyg, eclipse plugin, …) are released under Apache 2.0.

IT Mill will probably also develop some commercial UI components in the future, but they will be completely optional additions.

We should definitely have this and future versions of this picture on the website as well (not only the forums)! A very good point made by Mr. Anonymous :wink:

Definitely - Roadmap should and will be placed on as soon as the next steps are decided. Currently we are still in process of finishing 6.0.0 and after that the dev-team will at JavaOne collecting ideas…

The current consensus is that we’ll want to have more widgets next. All wishes are welcome :slight_smile: