Any good open source projects to use as examples?


I come from a heavy Spring MVC / Struts background with minimal Swing, so the jump to vaadin is fairly difficult for me. I am having difficulties wrapping my head around the concept of moving/combining the view with the controller and how to best code things.

In the MVC model, it is fairly easy determining what a page is and how to switch between pages. But in the Swing/vaadin model it appears that this concept no longer exists, and instead is replaced with the notion of windows and subwindows/etc. So rather than displaying a page, one has to hide/remove an exsiting window and replace with another one, etc…

I’ve gone through the tutorial, and although it gives me a good feel for the concepts behind vaadin, it is really not something that is a real-world app. Can anyone point me either to OpenSource projects which use vaadin that have a more complex interface / workflow? Or does anyone have any examples of their own projects that they would be willing to share?



I’m not sure if you search for something like that. It’s a complex layout build in Vaadin.


Source code
is available, too. You can take a look at it, but I think it has a license or so.

Thanks for the link, but I am looking for examples of things that mirror web applications a little more. Or perhaps the whole point is that Vaadin apps do not mirror web apps - I’m not sure. But I’m looking to make a Web 2.0 web-app not unlike a mini-CMR system. Something that allows a user to enter names of clients/patients, schedule appointments, track billing, keep notes, etc, etc, etc. From my web background (vs an app/swing background), visualizing how I accomplish this within a single frame is a little tough for me. I’m accustomed to changing pages for each requirement, and suddenly, everything now happens within a single window, controlled by event driven listeners, etc. So I’m looking for some kind of sample applications (or OSS) where I can look at well developed/mature code to try to wrap my head around the concepts a little better.

With Vaddin being used in so many applications, I am a little surprised that I cannot find more mature OSS projects that use it.



Our Open eSignForms UI needs help from a true UI programmer and designer, but it’s built on Vaadin and is open source, designed now for enterprise data entry to configure objects more than a wizard approach that we’ll add later. It may help, but we were also new to Vaadin when we built it, so it has undergone its own learning curve. And of course it was started a couple of years ago, before Vaadin 7/Navigator came along.

Project web site:

That links to google code where the downloads are, as well as info for a demo system login. Sadly, because of trolls, the demo logins have no permission to update, just look.