Any developers out there looking to work for a start-up?

Hey All,

I am the CEO and founder of a growing start-up in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area. Our web platform is built entirely on Java/Vaadin, and I have been very impressed so far. I come from an Adobe Flex world, and Vaadin was the perfect match to ween us off of flash.

So far I have been the lead developer here, and I have outsourced the bulk of the work to a firm in Argentina. That has worked so far, but the demand four our services is outpacing my ability to keep up with development, which isn’t a bad thing in the start-up world. Therefore we are looking to bring on a lead developer with Vaadin experience.

At a high level, our software takes input from users in a Vaadin UI, those inputs generate a work order which is placed on a rabbit MQ queue, and the work is done by distributed workers. Our code is managed on svn, deployments are done through Jenkins with maven, and everything runs on tomcat.

Working remotely is an option.

If you think that you would be interested in hearing more, and think you would be able to prototype software/lead an outsourced team, email me at reggie dot pierce at gmail.