Anonymous posting closed

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to solve some technical issues with making Anonymous posting work to our satisfaction on the forums and have been forced to disable it.

We value all the discussions on the forums and its a heavy decision to make. We will be working on fixing the forums during the summer but there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix. The design will also be improved among other things too.

I invite all our temporary or anonymous users to create an account for posting, using pseudonyms (ie not your real name) is allowed and encouraged over not posting at all. If you don’t trust us handling your email-address you can even use somekind of temporary mailing-system such as when signing up - just remember what address you used in case you forget the password :).

If that’s not enough, please join us on IRC, several of us are on #vaadin on - we are going to be adding a Vaadin-based IRC-client to the site soon aswell.

Keep posting!