Animator Usage

I am trying to attain a fadein effect for a subwindow by doing the following while doing some tests with the animator addon in Vaadin 7

Adding a window to the MainWindow, but setting it to opacity 0.0 and then start a transition to opacity 1.0 that takes 1 sec.

For that I am setting to animation objects, the first one for setting the 0.0 opacity, and then the second for setting it to 1.0 and the time of the transition.

Would like to perform additionally the fadein effect by simultaneously translating the window on the y axis by 150px. But haven’t even got to reach a fadein effect.

What am I doing wrong?

I tried setting the window opacity value to 0.0 in the css style associated to the window, and placing only the second animation. Then this worked. But I would like if possible to avoid having to alter the default styles in the styles.css file for animation purposes. Any hints please???

Css a0 = new Css();a0.opacity(0.0);
Css a1 = new Css();a1.opacity(1.0);
Animator.animate(this, a0);
Animator.animate(this, a1).duration(1000).delay(1000);

I think I could do that by adding events, but cannot instantiate Animator…

please help…

I think prior version allowed this in a less tricky fashion…

Many thanks.