animation soft

I want to use the animation proxy to hide from the right and show from the left a datagrid with a width set to 100% in the mainwindow

  1. When i push button A, the datagrid hide from the right to the left correctly in a smooth movement. To maintain the hide width i set it to zero after triggered the animation.

  2. When pufh button B, the datagrid show from the left to the rifght but not in a smooth movement. To maintain the width i set the it to 100% after the triggered the animation.

This is my code:

proxy.animate(dataGridView, AnimType.ROLL_LEFT_CLOSE).setDuration(500).setDelay(100);


proxy.animate(dataGridView, AnimType.ROLL_RIGHT_OPEN).setDuration(500).setDelay(100);


// add proxy animator for datagridview
proxy.addListener(new AnimationListener() {
public void onAnimation(AnimationEvent event) {
if (event.getAnimation().getType() == AnimType.ROLL_LEFT_CLOSE) {

			else if (event.getAnimation().getType() == AnimType.ROLL_RIGHT_OPEN) {

How can obtain a smooth movement when the datagrid is showed like when is hide??.

Best regards.