All about the Vaadin Grid Webinar

Vaadin’s Leif Åstrand (Vaadin Framework Product Manager) and Ville Ingman (Vaadin Advocate) will talk you through the most awesome features of the Vaadin Grid, hands-on. No more to say, just sign-up and enjoy.

Webinar takes place on Tuesday April 7th 2015 @ 3PM CET


You can post your questions below, thank you!

If you’re located in Germany you might not be able to watch live YouTube streams because of political reasons. For more information see

Is there any property to drilldown the report to another level?

Can i use HierarchicalContainer for Vaadin Grid

I think at Setdetailsgenrator property add a button and push a new page there and add a new grid there. That is it !

Nice Webinar thumbs up

Can you mention some info regarding performance of the grid versus table component?

Hierachy is not yet supported

Excellent webinar! Can we have a copy of this sample code?


thanks for the great webinar.

Following questions:

  • Is there a possibility to wrap text in a grid cell?
  • Is it possible to show multiple data lines in a cell?


Thank a lot to Leif Åstrand and Ville Ingman for sharing very good information about Vaadin Grid.

  • I really like the feature of details custom layout your are going to add. I have done same functionality for the table with CSS by spending lot time.
  • When you implement drag and drop feature, can you please consider drag image can be customizable.
  • I am waiting for action handler and shortkey features for the grid.

Actually I have missed this webinar on that day and just now i watched it. Thank you very much for keeping this webinar session in Youtube.


Thanks Vaadin Team for the nice webinar on Vaadin grid !!

Warm Regards,
Abhinav Mishra

Here’s the example code that I showed during the webinar:

Sorry for not posting it until now.

Those things are unfrotunately not possible since it would require Grid to support different rows having different heights. This is turn would cause significant overhead since there wouldn’t be any direct way of converting between a pixel position and a row index. There are some ideas for how this could be fixed, but there are no concrete plans for when this would be implemented.

Hi Leif,

I have been playing with the example that you present in the webinar and I noticed that when I open the row detail (DetailsGenerator), it does not show all components. I tried changing some values in the layout but seems to not have effect. Do you know if this is a bug? I am missing some configuration?
Attached an image of this behaviour.

It looks like that there are no predefined Valo styles available for Grid
any plan/timescale for add those?

Hi Mauro. There was a regression in the upcoming details row feature that caused always fixed height for the opened details row. It is fixed in
this patch
and as soon as it will pass the review, it will be included in the next 7.5-SNAPSHOT the day after that.

Excelent! Thanks for the reply.

Nice webinar. Thanks. Besides the row-based-editing will there be a edit mode for all cells?

There is no plans for having all cells editable at the same time. The reasons are: 1) having a editor open in all cels at the same time would slow down the UI, 2) having any other editors that textfield open would make UI repetitive looking, 3) handling validation errors and saving/discarding for editing multiple items at time would lead to confusing UX.

Hi all,

How can i add combobox to the column of a grid with default values?

I need to implement it urgently. I watched the webinar but cudnt find the exact detail which i have to use very quickly.