Alignment of required-field-indicator in GridLayout

I updated from 7.3.2 to 7.6.5.
It seems that the alignment of the required-field-indicator changes significant in GridLayouts.
In 7.3.2 the field-indicator was just on the right of a TextField.
In 7.6.5 the field-indicator is aligned to the right of the grid column. If the column is much wider than the TextField and the TextField is aligned to the left, there is a lot of space between the field and the indicator, which does not look really good.

I have reproduced it with this little code, which i adapted from the vaadin demo:

public class GridTest extends GridLayout
GridTest sample;

public GridTest()
    // Create a grid layout
    sample = this;
    sample.setWidth(600, Unit.PIXELS);
    sample.setHeight(300, Unit.PIXELS);

    generateMatrixGrid(3, 2);

private void generateMatrixGrid(final int rows, final int columns) {

    for (int row = 0; row < sample.getRows(); row++) {
        for (int col = 0; col < sample.getColumns(); col++) {
            final LayoutChildComponent child = new LayoutChildComponent(sample, false);
            sample.setRowExpandRatio(row, 0.0f);
            sample.setColumnExpandRatio(col, 0.0f);

class LayoutChildComponent extends TextField
    public LayoutChildComponent(GridLayout grid, boolean bool) {
        setValue("Child " + (grid.getComponentCount() + 1));

[/code]Is this a bug?


the problem exists with the reindeer theme. The required-field-indicator is aligned correct with valo.