Align data to right in a grid column

I need to align all elements of a column to the right in a grid column (amounts), but not in the others. I did not found anything on the Java side, did I miss something ?
We want to do everthing in Java, so the only file I can change on the web side is the shared-style.css.

Any idea ?

You could check the other discussion here, which has a different topic. But the template renderer example there shows how to do right align:

Thanks, I’ll try that

Hello, I’ve tried, it works fine.
But I get another problem : how to set the footer text alignement ? I don’t have any acess to the element from the FooterCell.
We need the total amounts in the footer cells, and they need to have the same style as the columns.


Back then (V10 I think), this enum was not even existing. I’ll try if one of those old projects need an update.