After upgrade to 7.7 - ManagedLayout handling

I just upgraded my project from Vaadin 7.6.8 to 7.7.5. I did a full gradle clean and gradle build, gradle vaadinCompile.

When I access the app using Chrome with vaadin debug enabled I see these errors:

Error in ManagedLayout (TypeError) : Cannot read property '0' of undefined at Unknown.XEe(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.hFe(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.DFe(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.Dzf(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.QZc(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.u$c(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.Thd(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.NQc(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at at Unknown.qhd(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.Qkd(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.f8(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.M9(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.eval(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.Et(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.Ht(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) at Unknown.eval(cmb.console.AppWidgetSet-0.js) The layout is visible in Chrome to the user but there is lots of overlapping text making the page unusable.

I’m using Gradle 3.2.1 with the vaadin plugin.

I thought it might be that I had somehow given an explicit dependency on an old gwt version but I checked my dependency tree and the only gwt loaded are:

\--- com.vaadin.external.gwt:gwt-elemental:2.7.0.vaadin4 \--- com.vaadin.external.gwt:gwt-user:2.7.0.vaadin4 Any suggestions would be most appreciated!