advantage of I18N-Add-ons

I am yurrently evaluating the addons for Vaadin which should help internationalising. I looked at Jain I18N, AppFoundation and I18N4Vaadin. I don’t see how they should help me. It seema like they do NOTHING else then I do with ResourceBundles besides I have to download something and use other classes, methods etc. Could anyone explain me any advantage concerning i18n or give me a link where an addon is described a bit more?

JainI18N is not only convert message using resource bundle but it also allws you to dynamically change messages from one language to another. Also, You can take a look at
for this.

You can find Jain18N description at my
in case you need more information drop me a note so I can help you out with this.

Well, for me, JainI18N is very convincing. Especially the possibility to “inject” yout localized messages by annotating a method with @JNIComponentInit as well as the ease of using the I18NListener in conjunction with I18NSelector is very convenient