addStyleName liferay-vaadin

In relation to this old post
I have a related issue. First of all I’m developing a liferay vaadin portlet. I created my own theme, but I can’t use my own css when I use addStyleName.

here it’s my code

final Label day = new Label();		  

and myCss is located at this path: C:\liferay-portal-6.1.0-ce-ga1\tomcat-7.0.23\webapps\ROOT\html\VAADIN\themes\cocoweb\css.

My myCss.css contains only this code:

@import url(../cocoweb/styles.css); 
	background-color:  #2A5F2B;

I didn’t modify the styles.css of the theme except the import:

@import url(…/liferay/styles.css);

in order to inherit the liferay theme.

I controlled with firebug and i see this:


I saw the old post and I tried the solutions that someone had proposed but no one works…
Does someone tell me where is my mistake?

(P.s. sorry for my horrible english)

Thank you for you help.

Don’t worry guys, I solved the problem. Liferay cache wasn’t updated e so my theme wasn’t applied. Thanks for your help…