AddressBook JPA example

Thanks again Vaadin developers!

This is just what the doctor ordered: a treeview on the left, and details on the right, with some nice persistence concepts and drop down combo boxes. Funny how this app maps directly into our needs for supporting a ‘Data Quality Validation’ service against our ‘DQC - Data Quality Certification’ schema.

So far we have a couple folks doing a ‘duet’ refactoring various aspects of the example to our needs; nothing teaches better than breaking a perfectly good applicaiton ;-0

If anything, this code is too elegant and too well structure, and too easy ;-0

We are architects/designers in my shop, so we are using this capability to do ‘rapid prototyping’ in support of our design (working with the business). Somebody at my shop mentioned that a similar effort with ‘Azure’ was attempted a few years back… however we already have generated a terrific amount of enthusiasm with out business over this approach!

I will provide updates on our ‘design-prototyping’ successes on this thread.