AddonStylesBuilder hang up


sometimes the addonStylesBuilder hangs up. I use read the workarround to remove the builder from the project-file, but is there a way to find out, which add-on makes it hang up?



I notice that it happens to every addOn i add, even addOns from Vaadin like SliderPanel.

Does anyone has some ideas why it could happen?

We are using a BasicLib-Projekt to keep the WEB-INF-lib in all Projects the same. Every projects has a eclipse link from WEB-INF/lib to BasicLib/WEB-INF/lib.

Could the problems based on the fact, that the files are exaclty the same? Deadlocks?

Okay, i copied all libs to the project and it hang ups either.

Is there no way to find the addOn(s) which makes trouble. What could be the resaon?