Addon style builder

I’m trying to build a project but it keeps getting stuck on the addon styles builder. Anybody know what’s causing this or what this is?

You will need to provide some more information (stacktrace, error message…) so someone knows what “this” you are referring to.

“This” is the fact it is hanging when I build it in Eclipse. Hanging on the point where Eclipse says it’s building “addons” but never reports back anything. It just says % done. I was wondering what the addon builder is too. For now, I took the addon builder off my project settings under “Builders”.

The addon style builder is a new feature with 7.1 where addons can use SASS in their themes and the addon theme automatically gets included in your applications theme. There is an wiki article about it at

I don’t think any addons are using it yet so you are safe in turning it off but in the future addons might start to use SASS themes and then you might need to enable it.

I haven’t seen the addon builder hang before but if it does it is a bug that should get fixed. If you want you could create a bug ticket and describe in that in what kind of situation it hangs for you and what kind of development environment you are using.

Hi, I also encounter this problem. Usually I’m not using the Ivy build via the Vaadin Eclipse plugin, but now I wanted to.
It happens when creating a Vaadin project via the Vaadin Eclipse plugin and using an addon, for example Animator.
After starting a build, it hangs at “Invoking Addon Styles Builder”. I also tried with a fresh Eclipse Kepler install, using both Vaadin 7.1.5 and 7.1.6. Should I file a bug for this?

Is this issue resolved now. i am using Spring Tool Suite with tomcat 6 and i do have the same problem. it remains on the ‘Addon Styles Builder’ state for a long time. is there any quick fix?

In eclipse go to Project-> Properties → Builders and Uncheck the Addon Styles Builder. This should fix your problem.

And before you do that (and create a new project, for that matter), make sure that the option Project → Build Automatically is unchecked, otherwise you won’t be able to configure your project building settings before it starts to build and subsequently hangs…

Thank you i got that fixed.

I have same problem…
Like the pics.

I’m having the exact same problem and I can’t even stop the process to even deactivate this ‘Builder’.

If I kill my eclipse process and restart, how can I deactivate this before it even begins???

Edit the file .project in your project, removing the buildCommand section for addonStylesBuilder.

Dear Sir

If remove the buildCommand section,have any impact ??

Without the addon builder, if you use an add-on that has an SCSS stylesheet, it will not be automatically imported in your addons.scss. In that case, you might need to import it manually in your theme. Removing that buildCommand section should not cause other problems as far as I can recall.

Had the same issue…

Resolved by removing addonStylesBuilder

yes, your issues can solve that problem, but i am thinking if you unchecked that, is that will effect your project or not?
(i mean someplace of vaadin will use addon styles builder?)

The effect of unchecking that option is that if you add an add-on to the project and the add-on declares a theme to use in its manifest, an import and an include for that theme are not automatically added to addons.scss in your application theme. Note that many add-ons handle their themeing differently, so this does not apply to all add-ons.